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Journal of Transpersonal Research

The objective of this Journal of Transpersonal Research is to promote, bring together and disseminate the investigation of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, as well as other subjects related to this field..

It fosters the development and application of the knowledge provided by the transpersonal psychology (origin of the discipline) in different areas: psychology, philosophy, epistemology, medicine, anthropology, spirituality, arts, physics, politics, pharmacology, education, ecology and economy.

This initiative comes from the field of academic psychology to cover a series of objectives in area of transpersonal study.

This journal seeks:

  • To keep the serious and scientific investigations that birthed the transpersonal discipline, thereby strengthening the term "transpersonal psychology".
  • To increase the generation of experimental and empirical (both qualitative and quantitative) research in the areas of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.
  • To increase research not only in the transpersonal discipline, but also in related disciplines.
  • To further introduce transpersonal psychology to academic psychology through the journal’s inclusion in national and international indexes and directories.
  • To publish the relevant research in Spanish.

It is very important to stress that even though the articles may be:

  • Theoretical or empirical investigation work
  • Reviews
  • Critical essays
  • Congressional articles

The special interest of this journal is to publish experimental and empirical (qualitative/quantitative) research to contribute to the integration of the transpersonal field in academic psychology.